Rum refills

Refill a bottle - reduce waste

We know you love our bottles. You tell us that our design is just as great as the rum inside. But what do you do with it once the rum has gone? Some crafty rum friends see an empty bottle of Salford as an a unique up-cycle project (We've seen vases and lamps to name just a few ), and some keep it proudly on display because, well let's face it – it's a looker. But now there's something different you can do with your empty bottle – refills!

Salford Rum Refills

We've partnered with Prestwich based co-op Village Greens to offer refills of your Salford Rum bottle, or you can dispense it into a bottle of your choice. We think it is the UK’s first eco-friendly rum dispensary, where you can reduce your waste and make a saving on the usual retail price. Head to Villages Greens, 1 Longfield Centre, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1AY to refill your bottle today. 

We are looking for additional dispensary locations so we can offer Salford Rum refills throughout Greater Manchester, and at other ways we can reduce our impact on the environment. If you are interested stocking Salford Rum please get in touch by emailing us.