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Dave Draws Doodle & Rum Evening - 6PM Wednesday 26th Oct

What's included?

This 3 hour work shop includes:

Step by step instructions on how to create your own doodle map, led by our bottle artist and renowned Manchester doodler Dave Draws.

You'll doodle the area of your choice.

The story of how Dave became a full time doodle artist.

Our story how Dave came to produce the artwork for our unique bottle design.

Two signature Salford Rum cocktails served while you doodle

All drawing materials are provided and you'll take away your very own doodle print and pens at the end of the evening.


Willow is our 380L column still. The name Willow was chosen by Salford resident Paul Sly and is a reference to the willow trees that grow alongside the banks of the River Irwell that flows through our great city. Salford itself is named after the very same Willow trees, originally derived from the Anglo-Saxon Sealhford "sallow-tree ford".

The Willows was also the name of the stadium that was the home of Salford Rugby League from 1901 - 2011.

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